Thursday, October 1, 2020

Adult Dress Up time!!!!

This is the time of year when everyone enjoys a good spooky prank and spending time with friends finding the perfect Halloween costume.  The right dreadful look will have everyone talking about you at the next Halloween Party.  This year, go that extra mile and enhance your scary look by trying theatrical contact lenses.  Zombie, Cat Eyes, and Blackout are just a few ways to take your Halloween night to the next level of fright!!! Learning how to wear contact lenses, which is a medical device that should be administered by a trained professional, is easy and here at  The South Eastern Eye Center, we can show you how!  For my seasoned contact lens wearers, we can have you in your new look with-in a about a week.  Stop by The South Eastern Eye Center or give us a call today, 912-653-EYES for more information. 

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